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Take the worry out of overseas book printers and book printing.

Everyone needs to reduce costs wherever they can, and it’s no secret that it costs less to utilize overseas book printing companies. Unfortunately, there are as many ways to ruin a book as there are cheap offshore book printers.

So how does one take advantage of low overseas book printers pricing while avoiding the risks dealing direct with an unknown foreign company?


My name is Bob Gallo, owner of G-Print International, and I’ve been in the printing business for over 3 decades. I’m not talking about sitting behind a desk either.  I worked my way through college running presses, bindery equipment, Macs, scanners, etc. – you name it – I’ve run it.

Overseas Book Printing from The Pressman Bob Gallo

Walking the Walk: G-Print International Owner Bob Gallo Running His Press circa 1982.

Plenty of so-called book printers can talk the talk when it comes to selling you on their service, but few have the insight gained by having run a print shop themselves like I have.

You can trust in our pressroom know-how & experience to eliminate all worry from your overseas book printing experience while maintaining the highest standards of quality. WHY? Because we know how to get the job done right. Knowing HOW it’s done right, is the first step in learning WHERE it’s done right. Learn more about the conventional printing technology and printing history.

Overseas Book Printers in China Overseas Book Printing in China Overseas Book Printing Expert

Book Printing in Today’s Shrinking World: I began my printing career 30 years ago, learning the craft from the ground up. I ran all types of bindery equipment and presses, putting thousands of projects together with my own hands. After mastering the craft, I owned my own printing plant for 20 years.

While my plant ran almost everything in-house, we became aware of the tremendous savings running certain jobs overseas and decided to try our luck. We soon realized very few overseas book printing companies shared our Western standard for quality craftsmanship, let alone responsive customer service.

After a decade touring print companies all over the world, I honed a short list of the best overseas book printing companies who share my high standards.

With G-Print, you will enjoy low-cost overseas book printing, managed by home-grown experts who make sure it’s done right.

Bridging Two Worlds: Having top-notch vendors is invaluable, but we go one better to ensure fantastic results for our clients. G-Print International employs a local quality control specialist in China, to oversee your work as it is produced on the overseas book printing factory floor. It’s just one last step to keep the quality on target.

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