Book Printing in China with G-Print

No matter if we are book printing in China, Canada or the USA, G-Print will manage your job with the same simple and effective process.

1. Placing the order

Once you’ve finished the graphic design, signed and sent in your contract, it’s time to send us your file and deposit. Most clients choose to upload to our secure FTP service, while others use new online file transfer services such as Drop Box. We will contact you to let you know that your file is proper and is ready to proceed to Production.

2. Proofing

Now your file is ready to be proofed. We will run your file through our plate-setter’s RIP station, but will output one of the hard proof products we offer, or to digital PDF soft proof if you prefer. Any system-to-system idiosyncrasy will show at this stage. Publishers check the text and art work of their projects carefully.  Even when book printing in China, in our professional experience it is best to have the printing company doing the printing also produce the proof to maintain color management and control cost. The proof is then FedExed to you for inspection, along with any soft cover or hardcover dummy books or custom paper sample you require before going to press.

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3. Printing

Upon your approval of the proof, the file is then plated and printed. Depending on the type of project, the piece is then bound by machine or by hand, and finished “advance” samples are sent to our office for inspection. Assuming it meets our high standard, an advance is sent to you for your approval, most importantly. Upon your approval of the advance copy, binding is completed, the balance is due and your high quality product is carefully packed and shipped out from the printers.

4. Shipping from overseas

After overseas book printing is complete, our shipping agent insures and manages your job from the time it is picked up at our offshore book printer, to the time we deliver. After leaving the plant, the shipment must be approved by the overseas Customs agents before it can be loaded onto a container vessel for its ocean voyage. With the book printing in China or other country in Asia, it must also pass through US Customs upon arrival in our American port. Once Customs releases the shipment, it travels either by truck or a combination of rail and truck, to your chosen destination. The trucking company will contact you directly to make sure their delivery time works well for your business.  Our customers can tell you, G-Print’s book printing services run extremely smooth, no matter where the manufacturing occurs.

5. Domestic Commercial Printing

While we certainly have offset trade companies in top places like China, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong, not every job travels that far.  Digital technology in the printing industry has come a long way in the last few years, and we now provide competitive prices domestically on short-run projects that include children books, catalog and board book work. Our team of US book printers can help meet our clients needs for perfect bound and hardcover quality book printing with some of the best pricing in the market, regardless of run size.