How to print a book overseas – Tips

G-print makes overseas printing easy as 1-2-3

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Tip # 1:
Beware the File Passers

When looking for the right offshore book printer to hand your project over to, you want to be sure you’re dealing with a firm who has the pressroom know-how to manage your job through every step of the manufacturing process. Most every US book printing company selling Asian printing has no actual experience in how to print a book. They are in essence just salesmen searching the web for cheap book printing, marking it up all they can, and re-selling it to you with their fingers crossed. These “file passers” can easily miss a costly error or could hand it off to a printer who doesn’t have the proper equipment necessary to do your job correctly. When shopping for a quality printer, some of the important questions to consider are:

  • Is the equipment state-of-the-art?

  • Is it well maintained?

  • Is the staff properly trained?

  • Are superior materials used?

At G-Print, we have put in years running presses and are card-carrying, certified, color book printing experts. We have taken the time to learn the craft from the ground up. No shortcuts! Let your project benefit from our many years of pressroom experience.

Tip # 2: You get what you pay for

Discount overseas printers are easy to find, but more often than not, you get what you pay for when you print a book overseas. Inexperienced pressmen running inferior paper on ancient equipment will certainly get you a great low price, but you won’t be very pleased when you open the cartons. For a novice, attempting to buy overseas book printing directly from a Chinese printer can be a daunting and unprofitable adventure in frustration, or worse…

  • First, there are basic communication difficulties.Many have found out the hard way that just because the person on the other end of the line answers every question with a resounding “Yes!”, it does not mean you were actually understood. Overseas, “yes” is almost a knee-jerk response especially when they do not understand…and that’s just the beginning.Our clients tell us the ease of communication with G-Print, and our responsiveness, are some of the qualities that keep them coming back again and again.
  • Second, the overseas standard of acceptable quality can be quite different than what the typical Western client is used to…unless you have a plant that is educated in what is required and experienced in delivering it. The vendor relationships we have cultivated over many years began by our searching for offshore book printers who understand our western standard of excellence.

Tip # 3: Have a printer deal with the printer

G-Print International staff are from real print backgrounds. Simply put… We speak their language!

We make sure our plant is more than familiar with our high expectations and has rigorous quality control standards in place. We only work with plants who completely understand the level of color accuracy and binding integrity that it takes to pass the G-Print quality standard. We know these plants; the workers, the processes, the equipment, and we continually visit with them, hone them and make sure that our stringent standards are maintained.

We know what it takes to print a book right. This is the G-Print Difference.